Delpart | Thermoformed solutions for material handling

Delpart is a company that works based on the highest quality and service standards in the handling of materials, providing customized solutions in order to meet the requirements of the customers around diverse industries, through a product range that includes pallets, trays, containers and returnable packings.

We offer safe, clean and long lasting products, making the handling of products easier, and reducing the costs of storage and transportation for your products.

The ideas developed by Delpart fulfill the expectations of customers of diverse areas of industry such as automotive, agriculture, governmental, nutritional, textile and many others. We provide our clients products for a world-wide class distribution, as well as solutions for manufacturing and storage of material, including thermoformed plastic pallets (single/double sheet), load packing and bulk packing.

Where our clients call for returnable, reusable & recyclable products, we can fulfil these socially responsible criteria.